Pet Insurance

By Dr Eloise Bright 2 Min Read

Your furry family member deserves the best possible care when they get sick or injured. But unexpected veterinary bills can be quite stressful.


Pet insurance is a great way to ensure you are always able to make the best health decisions for your pet, without money being a factor.

There are several different pet insurance providers available in Australia, and they will cover you for different things. Most policies will cover your pet for medical emergencies, accidental injury and unexpected illnesses. Some also include preventative vet care, such as yearly check-ups and vaccinations. It’s important to consider the different options, including excess amounts and level of cover, when you decide what pet insurance provider you’d like to use.

At Love That Pet, we recommend Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance, Australia’s #1 rated Pet Insurer*.

Bow Wow Meow offer a choice of pet insurance plans, which will cover your dog or cat for up to 80% of eligible vet bills in the case of injury or illness (less the optional excess, if any, that you have chosen).

Some of the additional benefits of Bow Wow Meow include:

  • Genuine life-long cover for chronic conditions
  • Emergency boarding fees & overseas travel insurance
  • Tick paralysis benefit of up to $1,000 per year
  • 10% discount for second and subsequent pets
  • Free ID tag with every new policy

Most of all, having pet insurance will provide you with the security that you will never have to choose between money and the life of your beloved pet!

To find out more, give us a call on 1300 568 738 or send an online enquiry below.

If you don’t have pet insurance and are faced with an unexpected veterinary bill, you may want to consider a veterinary payment plan.

* Bow Wow Meow has achieved the highest rating of any pet insurance company on independent consumer site, Product Review (current as at 01/08/2016)

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Dr Eloise is a Clinical Lead at Love That Pet and one of our resident pet care experts. She also curates the select range of vet recommended and approved products which feature on our site.
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