Dog Breeds

Learn about small, medium and large dog breeds and discover useful tools to help you find the perfect companion to suit your family and lifestyle.

Dog Q&A

Choosing a Dog Breed

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. We cover the questions that will help you choose the right dog for your family and lifestyle.

Dogs That Don’t Shed

If you are thinking of a dog and you are looking for breeds that won’t leave your house hairy, we have compiled all the information you need.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd actually originated in the US, being bred as a ranch dog in the 1800’s.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is well-known for its use in sledding, its dense coat and has an independent, gentle personality.

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Labrador Retriever

The eternally happy, lovable, high energy Labrador is the ideal family friendly pet and is very easy to train. Explore our complete breed guide.

French Bulldog

This affectionate and loyal companion can be stubborn, but incredibly lovable.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd or Alsatian is best known for its role as a service dog and is a highly intelligent and loyal companion.

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Great Dane

This popular gentle giant will eat you out of house and home but repay you with endless loyalty and love.


This fun-loving, high energy scent hound is a great family pet and always eager to train and play.

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Border Collie

Border Collies are best known for their intelligence and working roles as sheep herding dogs.

Bernese Mountain Dog

This Alpine breed from Germany is a working dog that require lots of exercise and activity, like the Border Collie of Australian farm dogs.

August 8

Bichon Frise

This bright white powder-puff has a fun-loving, happy nature and loves to socialise.

Irish Wolfhound August 29

Irish Wolfhound

The giant Wolfhound has a gentle temperament and a somewhat reserved nature


The Rottweiler has a dubious reputation for being an excellent guard dog. Anyone who has lived with this gentle giant knows their protective nature is combined with a calm, gentle and obedient temperament.

August 15

Boston Terrier

Known as the ultimate gentleman for its dapper good looks and gentle nature the Boston Terrier makes a great apartment pet and loves kids.