Would you Build a ‘Pet Suite’ in Your Home?

Standard Pacific Homes in California build and sell homes across the United States. They have recently started offering optional “pet suites” in their new homes. Would you have one?

A pet suite is essentially an additional laundry-style room tailored to meet the needs of pets. There is shelving for food storage and towels, automated feeding stations, a wash station like you see at professional groomers, a dryer, beds, and even a tv if you’d like to keep your dogs entertained.

Source: Standard Pacific Homes   Photo: Anthony Gomez, Associated Press

Source: Standard Pacific Homes Photo: Anthony Gomez, Associated Press

The company decided to start offering these pet suites after conducting research on what people are looking for in new homes. The idea of a home being pet-friendly was a recurring theme.

Modifications to homes to cater for pets has been around for a while, for example including a spot for pet food and pet dishes in the kitchen. But a whole room dedicated to all thing pet-related is a new idea and it seems to be popular.

It is estimated around 70% of people looking to buy a home have pets to consider in their decisions. People are even bringing their dogs to model home openings to see how they would work. The pet suites range from $8 000 to $35 000, depending on how big you want the room to be and what features will be included.

So what do you think? I don’t think I have the space for a whole room dedicated to my pets. But, incorporating some of these features into a multipurpose laundry/pet suite could be an interesting idea.