What Does Your Dog Say About You When Dating?

Need a “leg up” to score a date at the dog park? Find out what your dog says about you, and which breed has been declared the best “wingman” material.

The people behind the Klooff app for pet lovers recently did a survey with men and women, asking what they thought different breeds of dogs said about their owners. We had a look at their results, and put together a few ideas of our own.

King Charles Spaniel

Bound to be a social butterfly who wants to have fun. They are always happy to see you, and want to do anything and everything together. Probably a bit of a flirt, with those big brown eyes and long eyelashes!


Golden Retriever or Labrador

Friendly and loyal, with a gentle nature. They’re in it for the long term. They are probably an outdoorsy type with an easy going attitude to life. They love going for walks, sleeping in, cosying up on the couch, eating delicious food – all the best things in life! And they come with a very even temper as well!


Saint Bernard

A deep thinker who might come across as a little intimidating. But once you get to know them, you find a big softy underneath that broody exterior! A caution, though: you might find they are sloppy kissers!



There is a good chance they are an excellent snorer, who hates being woken up (don’t we all?). Don’t forget their keen nose for tracking things down: if you’re planning a surprise, they’ll probably be onto you before you get the chance!


German Shepherds

They are focused and in control, and intelligent too. They may be a little bit shy around new people, but they soon warm up. And you can rely on them to protect you and keep you feeling safe.


Cocker Spaniels

They are as charming as they come, they love affection and they will trust you unconditionally. They like to keep themselves busy with all that energy, but family time is by far the most important thing to them. Their friends are lifelong companions.


So, what was the final verdict? Which breed is the most attractive to own when looking for a partner? For both men and women there was a single, standout winner: Golden Retrievers or Labradors are your best bet if you need a wing-man of the furry variety.