Wet Dog Portraits: An Ode To Bathtime

Sophie Gamand has taken out first place in the Portraiture division of the Sony World Photography Awards. Her subjects? Wet dogs.

The photos of the Wet Dog series capture a snapshot of a group of gorgeous dogs during the most dreaded of all evils: bath time. They are snapped at the precise moment before they begin to shake the water off themselves; before they have recovered from the trauma enough to realise they can make a run for it! Some seriously intense emotional expressions can be discerned, ranging from shock, to utter betrayal, to fierce vengefulness.

Source: sophiegamand.com

Source: sophiegamand.com

The character of each pet is captured beautifully within the frame, with the total series celebrating the personas of our brilliant companions in perhaps one of their more vulnerable states.

Prints of the portraits are available for purchase through her website, and she is also currently compiling a book to be released during 2015.