The Treat and Train Remote Trainer

If you have ever needed to reward your dog from a distance, this fantastic invention allows you to remotely deliver treats.

For those of you who love training or have some troubling behaviour in your dog that you would like to stop, you need to know about the Treat and Train.

treat and train

We can think of so many applications for this equipment. Usually when training, even with a clicker, you need to be relatively close to your dog in order to administer the reward for performing the correct behaviour. This can make it a little tricky when you need to be a distance away from your dog.

Training your dog to settle when guests arrive can be challenging. Your dog is usually excited when the door opens and unless you have a helper, you can’t reward your dog for staying in place if you are opening the door and greeting your guests. For dogs that have separation anxiety, teaching down-stay and settle would be much easier if you could remotely reward your dog for staying in place even when you walk away.

The following is a great YouTube video presentation of the Treat and Train in action.

The treat and train emits a noise in response to the handheld clicker to tell your dog they have done the right thing, then reliably delivers a reward.

The system was developed by the well-respected Dr.Sophia Yin who advocates positive training and aims to encourage all pet owners to use reward-based methods and shy away from the old, out-dated dominance method of training. For more information, you can read more here.