The Bistro Facial Recognition Cat Feeder

This is possibly the smartest cat feeder out there. The Bistro cat feeder is still in the development stages, but after a crowd funding campaign is well on the way to commercial release.

The inspiration behind the feeder came after the designer experienced the pain of losing a cat who had stopped eating and drinking. The cat lived in a multi-cat household, so in the early stages it was difficult to tell that one of the cats was not eating their share of food.

As cat owners we know that most cats like to graze and just eat a couple of mouthfuls and walk away. Unlike dogs who eat the whole bowl at once, cats prefer to eat up to 7 small meals a day. This can make it difficult if you have one cat who overeats and another who may need to be enticed to eat.

The Bistro uses facial recognition technology and a weighing scale to identify the cat approaching the food bowl. It then links to the Bistro App that tracks your cat’s dietary intake and any weight changes.

What an amazing piece of technology!