The Australian Canine Sports and Training Centre

If you love having adventures with your dog and live in Sydney, this place looks amazing. The Australian Canine Sports and Training Centre is a purpose-built centre dedicated to dog-human fun.

The centre also has a focus on behaviour problems and even has courses that help with specific problems, such as leash reactivity (for those dogs who lunge at others on a walk).

Located at Box Hill, the centre has 15 acres of land, including herding yards, free-range daycare yards, herding paddocks, racing tracks for sight hounds and has the only Dock Dogs pool in the southern Hemisphere.

The centre does daycare, boarding, grooming and can help with specific training or behaviour problems. You can also learn various canine sports like herding or do a course in clicker training.

For many dogs that have been bred for specific tasks finding an outlet for that behaviour can be so important. If you have a Border Collie who insists on rounding up the kids, doing Treibball or Sheep Herding can be an excellent way to satisfy those instincts and burn off some energy. At Farmer Daves Fungility, Flyball, EarthDog and NoseWork are offered regularly too. They really do have something for everyone. For more information about the centre, visit here.