Squeaker Poochlight Illuminating Collars and Leads

Do you walk your dog early in the morning or late at night? Looking for something to make you more visible? This could be the trick.

Our Chief Lab Tester Cadbury is a Labrador who loves her food, so she is definitely taken for a walk every day. Sometimes we even sneak in a second walk if she has had a particularly boring day or needs to lose a little bit of weight (the word ‘diet’ does not compute in her brain).

Meet Chief Lab Tester Cadbury

Meet Cadbury, Chief Lab Tester

The thing is, we all work during the day like everyone else. So she is walked at either 6am or 6pm and there isn’t a lot of sunshine around at that time.

Like most of the dogs in our area, Cadbury likes to walk off-leash for the first part of her walk (before it gets too busy and there are people around). She is very well-trained, but she is a chocolate lab so it is easy to lose sight of her in the darkness of the streets.

There is a dog park down the road that we stop off at and there are always a fair few friends running around the park playing fetch. Again, Cadbury totally disappears into the darkness.

We have a system: a short, sharp whistle and she always comes running back. But wouldn’t it be better if there were some way we could actually keep sight of her?

Turns out there is. The team over at Squeaker have developed light-up dog collars and leads that are perfect for when we walk Cadbury in the dark. They are splash-resistant so they’re not easily damaged. They are run by a small rechargeable battery pack with a USB connection. Each recharge gives you 10 hours battery life.

Cadbury wearing her orange Poochlight collar

Cadbury wearing the orange Poochlight collar

Along the collar and lead are two optical fibre strips that are lit up by LED lights. You can set them to different flashing modes, but we preferred to just leave them constantly lit. The Poochlight collars and leads make your walk very safe. You are highly visible to other pedestrians, cyclists, even motorists if you cross a lot of roads.

Cadbury walking with the collar and lead on

Cadbury walking with the collar and lead on

The Poochlight collars and leads are great for certain situations, but probably won’t replace Cadbury’s current collar and lead. We would more likely have them as a back up if we need them on a particularly dark morning during winter or if we come home late and need to take her for a walk once it is dark.

If you think this is the perfect product for you and your pet, head over to the squeaker website and buy a Poochlight collar and lead online. They currently retail from $39.95 for a collar, $59.95 for a lead, or you can go for a value pack at around $90 for both. They come in a range of different colours, Cadbury has always been an orange sort of dog, so that one was perfect for her.