The Share for Dogs Campaign

It’s simple. All you have to do is watch a video of puppies, and you are raising money for a great cause.

We are all likely to be a little guilty of it ourselves: “Slacktivism”. It is a term for those people who are constantly sharing posts and writing statuses about how the world needs change, without actually doing anything about it.

That’s ok though. Because the people over at the NZ Pedigree Adoption Drive have found a way to make “Slacktivism” work for them in their ‘Share for Dogs’ campaign. Simply by viewing this video, you are helping them raise money for pups in need. The video has been set up so that the YouTube advertising revenue goes straight to Pedigree, and straight to the pups who need help. Every view means more money is going to Pedigree. It is an impressive idea for an online campaign, courtesy of advertising agency Colenso BBDO and Finch.