Puppies are the Best Study Buddies

Students at a slew of Universities around the world have finally cracked the secret to relieving exam time stress. The answer is Puppies.

Traditionally, students are told that the key to stress-free final exams is time management, getting enough sleep and a consistent revision strategy that does not involve cramming at the last minute. It would appear, however, that the students have come up with a much simpler idea. Puppies!

Earlier this year, Nottingham Trent University introduced a puppy room after a student heard about puppies being brought in to number of Canadian universities at the end of the final exam period. The idea is that if a student is feeling overwhelmed with stress, they can sit in a room and play with some puppies.

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After the puppy room at Nottingham Trent University was declared an enormous success, The University of York and Aberdeen University in Scotland have followed suit and the idea is spreading rapidly. Not only do the puppies help the students, but the students help the puppies. They are all guide dogs in training, so the puppy rooms help with socialising the puppies as well as raising money for the foundation.

In Australia, the idea could soon take off. The Australian National University in Canberra and the University of Melbourne have both had visits from groups of rescue puppies to raise awareness about adoption and to raise some much needed funds to help them continue to rescue as many puppies as possible.