Pawshake: A Community of Pet Sitters

Are you planning a trip away and having a hard time finding a pet sitter? Pawshake is the solution.

Pawshake is an online pet sitting service where you can find someone in your area that you can trust to look after your pets while you are away. It is safe and secure, and you can be sure you are leaving your pets in good hands.

You can search their site to find someone near you who will board your pet, or stay at your house and look after them while you’re away. All of the pet sitters listed have been verified by Pawshake. They will make sure you pet is fed properly, taken out for exercise and even groomed if you request it. They will keep up their training while you are gone as well.

All of the pet sitters have a profile to help you make the best choice, and also to advertise their availability. You can chat to the pet sitters if you have any questions or if your pet has special needs. The next step is to arrange a meet and greet to make sure your pet is okay with being looked after by this person.

Payment is done online through the Pawshake website. While you are away, the pet sitter will send you daily updates and photos so you know everything is alright back home. You can also chat to the pet sitter if you would like to check in.

When you get back home and find that everything went well, it is important to give the pet sitter a rating so that other people looking for pet sitters know who the best people are in their area. The best part is that your pet can stay at home if you choose, or can at least take their bed and toys and familiar items with them instead of staying in a strange place. There are also no cages and they aren’t stuck with a bunch of other cats and dogs.

Pet lovers in general form a pretty amazing community, and this is clearly the case on this website. It is just a group of pet lovers coming together to help each other out and look after their fur-babies with the love and special attention they deserve.

There is also an app available, head over to their website to check it out