Man’s Best Friend In Fight Against Alzheimer’s

Lisa Abeyta’s father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and his ability to communicate has significantly deteriorated over the past six months. Leave it to a furry friend to help him find his voice again.

A video recorded by Lisa and posted on her blog shows her dad light up when her four-legged companion, Roscoe, enters the room. With tail in full swing, Roscoe presents him with a chew-toy. Affectionately, her father responds:

“Oh yeah, hey! You’ve got, you’ve got something! You’ve got something, huh?”

The touching video has spread like wildfire across the internet. Lisa posted a reaction on her blog:

“More than once, I’ve watched [my dad] coo and talk to [his own dog] even as his ability to form sentences and find the words he needs to communicate has deteriorated…I had no idea the video would touch so many people or be shared so many times…It is a cruel disease, and the kind words of others who have faced similar experiences has left me feeling not quite so alone in it all.”