Lost Dog? There’s an App for That Now Too

Over in the US an app has been developed that helps you find your lost dog via facial recognition technology. We run you through how it works.

Usually when a dog is lost a family’s first move is splitting up.  One team plasters the neighbourhood with posters and the other team drives around for hours on end calling the dog’s name, hoping by some miracle you will stumble across your beloved pet.

These days, people are turning increasingly towards the internet to help find their pets. There have numerous success stories on social media.

But there is now an even more sophisticated approach you can take. Using facial recognition technology developed at the University of Utah, a website and app have been launched that matches a photo you upload of your lost pet to photos uploaded to a database of found animals.

It’s called FindingRover.com, and the idea is brilliant.

Just this week in San Diego a family lost their Shiba Inu Roxy. Roxy turned up at San Diego County Animal Services. Roxy’s family had uploaded a photo of her to Finding Rover and when she came in her picture matched up and she was reunited with her family.

Founder of FindingRover.com John Polimeno hopes the idea is picked up around the world to give families a better chance of reuniting with their lost pets. We hope so too.