A Letter to My Dog: More Than a Book

A beautiful book consisting of letters to our best friends accompanied by stunning portraits.

Robin Layton is an award-winning photographer with an illustrious career thus far. Combining her work with that of the creative geniuses Kimi Culp and Lisa Erspamer, A Letter to My Dog is a poignant, heartfelt and beautifully composed photobook capturing the magic of the unique relationships owners share with their dogs. The letters are written by everyday people, people with incredible stories, and an array of celebrities including Hilary Duff, Tony Bennet, Willow Smith and Oprah Winfrey.

 The entire experience of owning and loving a dog is captured by this collection of letters and portraits with such honesty you cannot help but be touched by what you read. Some stories will make you smile, others will bring a tear to your eye.This book will surely act as a Bible for all dog-lovers out there, inspiring countless others to write their own letters to their beloved fur-children.

And for those who refuse to play favourites between their canine friends and their feline friends, A Letter to My Cat is launching soon!


A Letter To My Dog