La Doggie Vita Pet Blankets

We just got our hands on some La Doggie Vita pet blankets, and we are so impressed we just had to share!

La Doggie Vita is a new brand on the Australian pet market. They have designed the most luxurious pet blankets we’ve ever seen – and they make a plush toy bone to match!

James, Carl and Jess - the La Doggie Vita team

James, Carl and Jess – the La Doggie Vita team

We absolutely love the printed designs. They are fashion-forward, and much trendier than a typical pet blanket. I have no problem leaving it on the couch where my dog likes to sleep. I usually tuck the pet blankets away when people visit, but I’m happy for these stylish blankets to be seen!

They are also reversible with a solid colour on the back if that is better suited to your home.

My little girl with her La Doggie Vita Novelty blanket and Hot Diggety Dog bone

My little girl with her La Doggie Vita Novelty blanket and Hot Diggety Dog bone

The blankets are so unbelievably soft, Chandon won’t sit anywhere else! She is a snuggly little thing, and this blanket it perfect for her to cuddle up on.

She loved the ‘Hot Diggety Dog’ design (as did I). It’s the perfect match for her little personality and her cheeky sense of humour.

She also happens to have a thing for bone-shaped dog toys, so she takes this thing everywhere with her! Did I mention it has a squeaker? I have never seen her face light up with more delight than when she worked that out.

The blankets are made with an excellent material that isn’t too heavy, but will definitely keep your dogs warm. You can even wrap them up!

Chandon is a very small cocker spaniel, so she’s only got a small blanket. They do come in a whole range of sizes to cover any dog from Chihuahuas, to Labradors, to Great Danes.


Chandon all rugged up!

The blanket isn’t getting anywhere near as dirty as her old blanket. It also doesn’t seem to collect her hair, which is great. It is super easy to take care of: just throw it in the washing machine on a cold wash and then hang it out to dry.

Don’t throw the bone toy in the wash, though. A spot clean will do the trick for those!

Most importantly, these La Doggie Vita products are of a much higher quality and are much more aesthetic than what you can usually find for a pet blanket.

I love that I can spoil my little girl with a product that I absolutely love as well. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to La Doggie Vita and find out where you can pick up the best dog blanket you’ll ever find. Your pup will love you for it!