iFetch: The Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs

This automatic, dog-operated, ball launcher is sure to be adopted by owners of fetch-loving dogs in need of a reprieve for those tired arms.

Have you ever started a game of fetch with your dog, only to then spend hours on end tossing that slobbery ball as far as you can, unable to exhaust a seemingly infinite energy supply? Throw those weary arms in the air one last time and rejoice, as the team behind the new pet gadget iFetch are here to save you.

This guy sure seems to be impressed with the idea:

We love a good pet invention at Love That Pet, and this is brilliant. Apparently a lot of other people agree, as the idea came to fruition thanks to a ridiculously successful Kickstarter campaign. The gadget was designed for smaller sized dogs and for indoor use, so they can play while you’re at work. It runs on batteries or plugs into an outlet and comes with mini tennis balls that are dropped into a funnel at the back of the machine and then propelled down a hallway.

You’ll have to be involved at the start so you can teach them to put the ball in the funnel, but we imagine they will catch on pretty quickly. Then you can relax while they entertain themselves! The people at iFetch have even put together a helpful video guide to training your dog to use the iFetch.

A lot of vets take issue with dogs playing with tennis balls, but it is possible to use other safer balls with this machine if you are concerned. The machine is nice and compact, so it will be easy to store. Currently, the iFetch retails for $189 online, you can check it out here: goifetch.com.au