Homemade Dog Ice Cream

It’s nice to treat yourself to some dessert every now and again. Who doesn’t love indulging in a little bowl of ice cream?

Unfortunately for pet owners, this is a pleasure that is hard to enjoy. From the first mouthful you are bound to have an audience, with those big, gooey eyes making you feel so guilty for not sharing!

People ice cream contains some ingredients that are really bad for pets, so it is important not to actually share your dessert. What you can do is make a super simple pet-friendly ice cream so you can both indulge a little. Like us, pets are what they eat. They can’t have dessert as a regular thing, so it is really meant as more of an occasional treat alongside a general healthy diet.

Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream

4 cups of non-fat, natural plain yogurt
1 banana
1 punnet of strawberries

Step One:

Mash the strawberries and bananas

Step Two:

Mix with the yoghurt and some honey to taste

Step Three:

Pour into a container and freeze overnight and that’s it!  Your ice cream treat is ready for your dog to enjoy and good enough for you to eat with them as well if you would like.


While you can change out some of the ingredients for other favorites your dog might enjoy, just be sure to not give them any chocolate or macadamia nuts, as they can be toxic to dogs.  For more information on these foods and more, check out our article on what foods not to feed your dog.