Home Made Toys for Your Dog

We love a good dog toy at Love That Pet, just as we like re-purposing things from around the home. Many dogs really churn through the toys, with the smarter dogs in particular soon working out how to solve problems. Today we have scoured the internet to find some great toys you can easily make at home.

A note for dogs who like to chew

For dogs who love to tear apart their toys, always make sure they are not accidentally (or on purpose) ingesting pieces along the way. The surgery to remove a foreign body is costly and dangerous for your pooch and is easily avoided by ensuring you only give your determined chewer safe toys or supervise them closely.  That being said, chewing is great for the mind and soul of a dog, as well as those pearly white teeth.

Upcycled T-shirt Toy

For a great use for an old T-shirt, why not upcycle an old shirt by cutting it into strips and channelling your inner teenage girl and braiding it into a tight plait. You can view an excellent Instructables pattern here.

instructables plait toy

Tennis Ball Puzzles

This tennis ball treat puzzle from Stacie at Bark Post is brilliant for those dogs that like to problem solve and chew.  Simply use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the tennis ball and pop your treat inside, as your dog chews the hole should open to reveal the treat.

barkpost tennis ball

This one is also incredibly simple, watch Wryly get at his treats, using just a muffin tin and lots of tennis balls.

The great thing with puzzle toys is that they can be used as a distraction for when you leave the house. They are great for smart dogs to keep their mind occupied during periods of absence and many behavioural problems can be assisted by giving your dog activities and problems to solve.

Recycled Drink Bottle Toy


This is a great easy-to-make toy from something we all have around the home, an old plastic bottle. Many dogs love that crinkly, cracking sound of chewing on a plastic bottle. Irresistable Pets has a great picture tutorial here. Always remove the lid and the plastic ring around the neck before giving a drink bottle to your dog.  Also be careful to supervise those serious chewers, plastic can easily form sharp corners that can cut delicate gums and if pieces come off they can easily be swallowed.

Some more ideas to recycle plastic bottles:

  • Remove the lid then fill an old bottle with dry biscuits and allow your pet to roll it around to get the food out.
  • Pierce some holes in an old drink bottle and fill it with crushed food so it comes out through the little holes when rolled around.
  • Half-fill a bottle with water then freeze the bottle on it’s side to make a great frozen chew toy for hot days.

We hope you enjoyed these home-made toys. And if you haven’t seen Maymo with his 210 bottles for Christmas, check out this video for some more inspiration.