Have a Mutt and Want to Find Out About His Ancestry?

If you’ve ever wondered what breed your dog is, have you considered DNA testing? There are now a number of companies offering to find the answer to the question of where your dog comes from.

The BITSA  test through Animal Network genetically tests your dog based on a simple saliva sample. You can even collect a sample at home and send it in directly.

DNA testing via BITSA works on established genetic profiles. The company states that they have significant data to represent  95% of the dog population in Australia. Testing can go back 3 generations to determine your dog’s ancestry with 99.95% accuracy.

There are currently 339 dog breeds listed internationally within 10 different breed groups, and not all breeds have genetic markers established. If you suspect your dog is partly a breed that is a little unusual, the company promises to re-run the test later when the markers are established. They continually test registered pedigrees at dog shows throughout Australia to establish breed signatures.

DNA testing your dog not only allows you to finally settle that bet, but also gives you some insight into the predominant health concerns and personality traits of your beloved companion. The report obtained with your test result tells you not only what breeds are in your dog’s background, but also the main health issues of the breeds and what behavioural traits he is likely to have.

So, I bet you can’t guess the parentage of this guy:


Well, this is what DNA testing tells us about where he comes from:

  • 75% Italian Greyhound
  • 18.69% Entlebucher Mountain Dog
  • 3.9% Bernese Mountain Dog
  • 2.24% Rhodesian Ridgeback