Gyms for Dogs are a Thing Now

It’s tough being a dog these days. Gone are the naps for hours on end, now they have to worry about fashion, whether their meals are organic and, yep, working out at a new doggie gym.

So the napping for hours on end thing may not really be gone, but dogs these days have a lot on their plate. They have designer clothing ranges available to them, and it is vitally important that they are the trendiest dog at the dog park. They also have professional chefs devising proper, nutritious meal plans for them. They have to make sure they eat “organic” meat now with “organic” vegetables.

They even have to go to the best of the best in dog groomers. None of this bathing at home nonsense, they head on down to the nearest rooftop dog-washing station. Because, we couldn’t risk them losing their queen bee status at their doggy daycare for not being up with the times.

Apparently, going for a walk is also no longer enough for a dog of the 21st century. A doggie gym has opened up in Washington in America, and judging by its popularity it seems like this could be a new thing. It is stocked with treadmills, balance balls, balance beams, hurdles and tunnels. Early reviews say the pets love it!

Even better, they can check in on their doggie Facebook pages so all their friends know they’re working out!

What’s next? Architect-designed kennels so they can impress on their doggie play dates? Oh… they have those. They even come with a doggie pool.

Dog House with Pool

It seems our affection for our favourite furry friends has no bounds. They really are becoming more and more like little people, aren’t they?