Frozen Peanut Butter and Yoghurt Treats

I think we can call it: Summer is here. It’s time to whip out the ice blocks, but what about something to keep our pups cool? We found a five minute recipe for peanut butter and yoghurt frozen treats that they will absolutely love.

This one is insanely simple, and comes courtesy of the blog 17 Apart, where you can also find some other great recipes if you’re interested.

All you need is plain Greek yoghurt and natural peanut butter. Yep, that’s it.

These guys have done them in a heart-shaped ice cube mould, which makes them even more special.

Step One

First up, it might be easiest to melt the peanut butter a little bit. That way you can easily spoon a little bit into the bottom of each heart and it will settle right into the mould. You don’t need too much peanut butter, it’s more to add a touch of flavour with the yoghurt.

Step Two

Second, spoon some yoghurt on top and press it in so that it fills the mould. You might need to tap the ice cube tray on the bench a couple of times. Then just use the back of the spoon to level it off flat across the top.

Step Three

Finally, pop it in the freezer and once they’re frozen, pull one out for your pup to try. Couldn’t be easier!

If they are a bit cold for your pup’s mouth,  you could always try slotting them into a Kong toy for them to lick at as they melt.