Dog Breeds

Learn about small, medium and large dog breeds and discover useful tools to help you find the perfect companion to suit your family and lifestyle.

Irish Wolfhound August 29

Irish Wolfhound

The giant Wolfhound has a gentle temperament and a somewhat reserved nature

August 15

Boston Terrier

Known as the ultimate gentleman for its dapper good looks and gentle nature the Boston Terrier makes a great apartment pet and loves kids.

August 12

Golden Retriever

If you can put up with the tumbleweeds of hair throughout your home, a Golden Retriever is a great addition to any household.

August 8

Bichon Frise

This bright white powder-puff has a fun-loving, happy nature and loves to socialise.

dog health and wellbeing August 4

Border Collie

Border Collies are best known for their intelligence and working roles as sheep herding dogs.

July 31

Great Dane

This popular gentle giant will eat you out of house and home but repay you with endless loyalty and love.