DIY: Make Your Own Cat Maze at Home

After considering whether to buy Jimmy a cat maze, I thought about how simple it would be to make one at home. Here we demonstrate possibly the simplest cat toy you can make at home for virtually no expense.

If you have ever spent money on a fancy cat toy only to have your cat sniff it, look disdainfully at you and walk away to play with a piece of fluff in the corner, you’ll appreciate that sometimes the simple things please our feline overlords the most. This one should please even the toughest critics. It passed the Jimmy-test, as you will see from the video at the end.

First, we need some equipment:

  • Scissors
  • A flattish box (thick enough for some balls to rattle around in, but not too deep – approximately 5cm deep and 20 x 30cm wide would be ideal).
  • A couple of light-weight balls (ping pong balls work fine) or cat toys.
  • One cat (but I suspect a toddler would also appreciate this toy).

maze cat toy equipment (3)

The first step is to cut a few holes in the box, mine were probably a bit too big, as Jimmy could easily fish out the toys.

Jimmy with his new cat maze

Jimmy with his new cat maze

That’s, it you’re done. Voila! Now pop that box down on the floor and watch the action. If your cat is anything like Jimmy you’ll have to get him interested. I did this by dangling one of those fishing-line toys into the holes and jerking it around a bit and rattling the toys around in the box. Eventually he got the idea, as you can see.