DIY: How to Make a Felted Cat Toy

If you love to create, why not try making your own cat toys. Felting is a simple technique, with minimal costs. Just follow our easy, step-by-step guide.

All you need is some raw wool, otherwise known as roving, which you can pick up from craft stores. You can also get it online from Etsy. Wool is felted simply by using soapy water and a little friction to matt the wool fibres. The following tutorial even ‘cheats’ by using a washing machine.

The most important thing when making cat toys (apart from making them visually exciting so your cat actually does play with them) is to make sure you won’t end up at the vet needing to have surgery to remove that incredibly ‘fun’ toy!

Cats often get into strife when playing with toys due to their unique tongue design. They have these amazing inward-facing barbs on their tongue. These little barbs are great for grooming and for holding their prey in the mouth, but they can lead to accidental swallowing of loose toys, particularly string-like material.

Whenever you make or buy a toy for your cat, ensure there are no parts that can come off, unravel or be accidentally ingested. For an even simpler YouTube video on using felting, this one uses a simple hand felting technique with a bamboo mat, wool and soapy water.

Happy felting!