Considering a Dog: How About One That Drives?

Have you heard about the driving dogs, Monty and Porter? A couple of pretty impressive pooches! But here’s what’s really impressive: There are lots of dogs just like them at your local animal shelter. And one is waiting for you right now.

Have you heard about Monty and Porter yet? If the names don’t ring a bell, then the answer to the question is probably “no.” Because if you had heard of them, we’re pretty sure you’d remember!

You see, Monty and Porter recently passed their driver’s tests. And the whole world cheered them on.

What’s the big deal about somebody passing a driver’s test, you ask? Well, Monty and Porter aren’t just ‘somebody. They’re some dogs.

Yep, that’s right; Monty and Porter are the world’s first canine car drivers. For real!

With no assistance other than some verbal coaching, both Monty and Porter – safely buckled in, of course – started their cars, put them in gear, drove along a course laid out on a track, and braked to a stop.

Pretty impressive feat for a pooch!

But here’s what’s even more impressive about Monty and Porter: Before they were worldwide celebrities they were just down-on-their-luck dogs, languishing in an animal shelter. And unless Monty and Porter had been lucky enough to be adopted by a loving family, they would eventually have been euthanized.

Monty and Porter were rescue dogs.


If you’re considering getting a dog, you might want to consider making your local animal shelter your very first stop in your search for a new furry friend. Because in a way, Monty and Porter really aren’t anything special.

The shelters are packed with dogs that are just as smart, eager-to-please, and in need of a home. In fact, the majority of animals in Australia’s shelters have once been loved members of families that, through accident or misfortune, became lost and separated from their homes – not intentionally abandoned.

According to PetRescue – Australia’s largest on-line directory of homeless animals – less than 10% of the animals in shelters throughout Australia have been dumped or abandoned.

To quote PetRescue: animal shelter dogs are “regular pets who just need a second chance at life.” Just like Monty and Porter.


Choosing your next dog from a local shelter will offer you all the great feelings of doing a good deed. After all, adopting a dog is a great deed, both for the dog and for the animal shelter.

Most shelters operate on limited funds, and simply cannot afford to keep animals indefinitely. So when dogs like Monty and Porter run out of time, they are euthanized. According to PetRescue, the sad truth is that euthanasia is the leading cause of death among cats and dogs in Australia.

So by adopting a dog, you’ll very likely be saving its life. And you’ll spare the shelter the agonizing but all-too-often necessary task of putting the dog down.

But you’ll get lots of benefits too. Here are just some of the perks of pet adoption:

  • Less toilsome training. Since most of the animals in shelter were pets that have been separated from their families, they’ve mostly been trained accordingly. Socialization, house manners, potty training – most of that will have been done. No need for you to start from scratch.
  • Save money. No, shelter animals aren’t given away for free. They can’t be. But when you buy a dog from a puppy mill or pet shop, you’ll likely have lots of initial medical expenses – worming, vaccination, desexing, physical exams, etc. When you get your dog from a shelter, all of that is taken care of for you. So you’re likely to spend a LOT less to get your shelter dog than if you purchased it from another source.
  • Pick your personality. When you buy a puppy, you really don’t know what you’ll be getting. A pooch’s personality develops as a dog matures. In fact, you won’t really know what you’re getting until the dog is about 2 years old. But when you rescue an adult dog, its personality is set. What you see is what you get. Both you AND the dog will be spared from a pairing that’s really not a good match for either of you.


Monty and Porter’s exploits notwithstanding, if you pick your next pooch from your local animal shelter, you probably won’t end up with your next chauffeur. But there’s a very good chance that you will end up with the best friend you’ve ever had. And you’ll likely have saved your new best friend from a tragic early death.

That’s a deal that would be hard to beat – even if you do have to keep doing all the driving!