CleverPet: A Game Console For Your Dog

If you worry that your dog is bored being home alone all day, you could give this CleverPet game console a try.

The people behind the CleverPet idea started a Kickstarter funding campaign that successfully reached its target in June. They have experts, researchers and dog trainers involved, and the science behind the idea certainly seems sound.

Basically, CleverPet is a game console for your dog. Successfully playing the games results in a treat being dispensed.

The device has three touchpads that light up, and are designed for your dog’s nose or paw. The games start off simple, for example one of the three pads lights up and pressing the pad that lights up will dispense food. As your dog learns how the games work they become slightly more challenging.

The games are easily updated by an app so there are always new games to try. You can also track how your dog is going and see how engaged they are by the app. You can record your own voice to get them to play and interact with them as the device is wifi-connected.

It’s not a bad idea for keeping pets entertained long enough to stop them destroying the couch or barking all day while you’re gone.