Articles to help you understand why your pet behaves a certain way and how you can teach them be a happy, well-adjusted furry companion for life.

September 26

Why Is My Dog Peeing on the Bed?

The causes for your dog peeing on the bed, can be broken down into medical and behavioural causes. We run through what you need to know about both.

Cat With A Ball September 21

3 Vital Tips To Train Your Cat

Does this mean training a cat is impossible? Our answer is ‘No!’  The secret to […]

August 26

No Free Lunches – Simple Tips for Good Behavior

Reward-based training, good communication and structure is useful as a basis for fixing many different […]

August 18

Feliway for Cats: A Pet Parent’s Guide

Feliway is a safe, effective and natural way to improve problem behaviours and help your cat cope with changes like moving house and introducing new pets.

July 9

3 Easy Tricks to Teach Your Dog

We tend to think of training as just a means to make our fur-friends well-mannered […]

How to clicker train your dog June 26

How To Click Train Your Dog

Dog training is necessary no matter what breed your dog is, or whatever its age […]

January 4

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

Cat videos are all the rage on YouTube, and some of the most popular videos […]

December 26

How to Introduce a Cat into a Dog Family

Some people profess that they’re dog people, while others insist they’re cat people. But what […]

July 26

What’s That? Deciphering Your Cat’s Language

Cats are famously elusive creatures. Affectionate one minute and aloof the next, they have a […]