BarkBuddy: A Tinder-style App for Adopting Dogs

BarkBuddy is a fantastic app matching people who want to adopt dogs with dogs who want to be adopted.

BarkBuddy is essentially a Tinder-style app for people who are looking to adopt a dog. It matches people with rescue dogs listed in their area. You are shown profiles of local rescue dogs that you swipe through. If you find a match, you can set up a meet and greet through the app.

The app can be personalised by size, age and how active you would like the dog to be. For example, you may be after a larger dog who is a couple of years old and happy to go on normal walks, but generally more of a couch potato. The app might narrow down the profiles you see to Labradors and similar breeds.

If you aren’t sure what sort of dog you think you might like, the app gathers some data for you. It will summarise the breeds you seem to be more drawn to so you can learn a little about your preferences, even if you didn’t realise you had any. You can also favourite pets to keep them saved so you can go back to their profile.

The more you swipe through images (left to skip, right if you like), the better the app gets at finding you a good match. If a dog doesn’t seem right for you, but you have a friend who they might be perfect for, you can save them and share their profiles.

BarkBuddy is run by the people at Bark & Co, a company founded on the belief that everyone should have a dog in their life, and every dog should have a human. Find out more about the app at