10 Ways You Know Your Pets Control Your Life

1. You accept that the last bite of your food will always go to them.

dog eating from table article

2. You sing to them constantly.

person talking to cat

3. When you come home after having been away for a while, you are most excited to see them over anyone else.

kid hugging dog article

4. They eat better than you most days.

pets at table article

5. You spend all your money on them.

pug with new presents article

6. You’re positive they are the only ones who really understand you.

girl whispering to puppy article

7. If they don’t like someone who comes over, you decide you don’t like them either.

man holding cat in air article

8. You’ll stay home from work to look after them if they’re sick.

dog sleeping in bed article

9. Whenever you go out, you tell them where you are going, when you’ll be back and you remind them that you love them.

cat looking up (2) article

10. When they climb into bed with you, you will stay in bed and end up running late just because they seemed comfortable.

dog sleeping on face article