10 Things Only Dog Owners Understand

1. Going away involves packing as stealthily as possible.

Packing becomes an all day mission, slowly sneaking one item at a time into the suitcase. And yet somehow they always seem to know.

2. They can tell time.

They know when dinner is 5 minutes away, or 5 minutes late. They HATE daylight savings and will not understand why you give them their dinner late for 6 months of the year

3. You can’t show someone a photo on your phone

They’ll see the hundreds of photos you take of your dog on a daily basis.

You also have to constantly remind yourself that your Facebook friends aren’t as obsessed with your dog as you are, and maybe you shouldn’t post a fourth photo of your dog today.

4. No need to keep a broom in the kitchen.

There is no such thing as sweeping when you have a dog. They’re like a vacuum cleaner, but possibly more thorough.

5. It is impossible to start the day off on the wrong foot.

How could you when you have someone THAT excited to see you. They’ve been waiting for you to wake up for hours just so they can spend another day loving you.

6. You never have a pair of socks.

The washing machine is not responsible for the mysterious disappearance of socks. It’s the dog. And some day, probably when you move house, you will finally find their stash.

7. There is an unspoken rule that when your dog is sleeping on you, you don’t move.

They’re comfy. You must sacrifice your comfort for their moment of bliss.

8. They will play in puddles, swim at the beach, run through sprinklers, but heaven forbid you should try to put them in a bath.

Not all water is created equal. It’s like they know the difference between the muddy puddle water that will help them reach that heavenly state of filth, versus the lavender scented doggie bubble bath that will make them shiny and new.

9. In an ideal world, there would be no dogs on the couch or the bed.

In reality, its just too hard to say no when they are THAT comfy and their face is THAT cute.

10. And finally, you will never eat in peace again.

That last bite you’re saving because it will be the perfect way to end your meal, will almost definitely be going to that furry thing with the big gooey eyes at your feet.