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Here’s to the snugglers, the cuddlers and those big gooey eyes. The waggers, the purrers and the chirpers. Here’s to the independent, the runners and those permanent sleepy heads.

We know them all. Their quirks, their perks and their funny faces. The way their eyes light up when they see you (yes, even the cats).

Unconditional Love, that’s what our pets bring to our lives each and every day. Even when they’ve had a little accident or chewed your favourite shoes, it’s over in an instant the hugs flow freely.

We know all those moments when they are happy, sad, hungry or playful. When they are so pleased to see you at the end of a long day. Even the way you both know their birthday is just a few weeks away. Each one of these moments is a treasured memory.

They are more than just our pets, they are our furry, feathery and leathery family members. That’s why you and your pets deserve:

Amazing Care. Astounding Value. Awesome Service.

We started Love That Pet™ to meet these needs and our team is passionate about bringing you and your pets Amazing Care, Astounding Value pet supplies and Awesome Service each and every day. We know you will enjoy the experience and we look forward to becoming part of your ‘furry family’ too.

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